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Catalina 22 - Cabin Cover
5 Differnt CT22 Models - what we need to make the perfect fit!

Catalina 22 Cabin Cover

Because there are several different cabin configurations for the Catalina 22, we need you to specify your boat year as well as 3 measurements to ensure the best proper fit for your boat.

A Dimension: Measure the distance from the back of the mast to the top edge of the cabin drop.

B Dimension: Measure from the front of the mast to where the deck and the cabin meet. On boats with a front hatch or a sun window, measurement should be long enough to completly cover the hatch / window.

C Dimension: Measure how tall the cabin door is. This should be measured from step up to the top of the hatch or to the point where you measured dimension A to.


catalina 22 cover

We can add either grommets to tie or snaps to snap these front corners down.

Our order form will ask which you prefer... to tie out the front corners to the bow pupit or to snap them down meaning you will need to screw 2 snaps into the deck, which we will supply.

catalina 22 cover

We will supply snaps which you can put into the wood on the hatch to hold your cover down in the back or leave them off if you prefer not to put any snaps in the hull or wood.

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